To all investigators, students, staff, advisors, administrators, educators, and friends of Kansas NSF EPSCoR — thank you! We appreciate you and the role you play in helping us promote scientific research and education across the state.

You made this year memorable in so many ways! Here are 10 highlights from 2022.

1) You launched research to learn how to help communities become resilient to extreme weather and other hazards.

2) You expanded our understanding of how microbiomes impact aquatic, plant, and soil systems, from chasing rain flows to looking out for the little guys.

3) You inspired undergraduates with research experiences.

4) You helped high school teachers understand ecosystems and brought science to elementary schools, winning an award for your efforts.

5) You engaged central and western Kansans with a mobile museum.

6) You empowered Native scholars with an award-winning internship

7) You traveled to Switzerland, Guam, Hawaiʻi, Maine, and more.

8) You launched a new hub for data science to educate students and support agencies across the state.

9) You seeded novel research with our First Awards, finding surprises in bison wallows.

10) You helped us celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kansas NSF EPSCoR.

In short, you made a difference this year, and we appreciate it.

We wish you all the best for the holiday season and a new year full of health and happiness!

In gratitude,

The Kansas NSF EPSCoR office staff

Wintry woods with happy holidays

Photo by Dr. Eva Horne, Konza Prairie LTER.