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In honor of Hispanic and Latinx Month, soil science societies recognize Lígia Souza

New data science hub announced

Haskell Indian Nations University launches Indigenous science hub


Funding for Faculty

Expand your research with NSF EPSCoR Track-2 awards 

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MAPS Annual Science Meeting, Oct. 28
10AM – 3 PM | Virtual Meeting

27th NSF EPSCoR National Conference
November 13-16, 2022, Portland, Maine


17 state colleges and universities are partnered in a new $24 million, five-year effort to advance research on resilient and socially equitable infrastructure in Kansas. The National Science Foundation EPSCoR initiative is led by Dr. Belinda Sturm, Professor of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas.

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What is Kansas NSF EPSCoR?

We support research and education initiatives that make a difference in Kansas and the world. 

Major Research Initiatives

MAPS: Exploring the Microbiomes of Aquatic, Plant and Soil Systems in Kansas 

ARISE: Adaptive and Resilient Infrastructures Driven by Social Equity

Trailblazing Undergrads

We empower undergrads with research experiences.

Interviews with 2021 participants show that they gain more than lab skills from these experiences. Read their stories


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The National Science Foundation (NSF) Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) promotes scientific progress in states that have traditionally received lesser amounts of NSF research and development funding. The primary mechanism the NSF uses to achieve this goal is the Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) program. NSF RII awards enable states like Kansas to enhance their competitiveness for research funding. RII proposals are submitted by Kansas NSF EPSCoR on behalf of the program partners in the state. Other NSF EPSCoR mechanisms include Co-funding, Workshops, and Outreach.

Microbiomes of Aquatic, Plants, and Soils Systems across Kansas

Kansas NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 Award OIA-1656006

MAPS research is addressing the challenge of simultaneously feeding a growing population, sustaining agriculture, maintaining soil quality, and minimizing greenhouse gases and water contaminants using new data-driven solutions.



MAPS Funding Opportunities

The MAPS First Award Program helps early-career faculty become competitive for funding from the research directorates at the National Science Foundation.

Current solicitation is closed. 

The MAPS Research and Education Innovative (REI) Award Program funds small projects that will either allow for networking and planning or for the immediate pursuit of larger projects for developing new transformational concepts.

MAPS Museum Projects Award Program provides funds for developing museum outreach programs that intersect the natural science and engineering aspects of MAPS research with fine art or visual and graphic design elements.

Learn more about our current program: Microbes on the Move 
a mobile pop-up exhibit

National Science Foundation

EPSCoR Investment Strategies

NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Program: 

RII Track-1 Awards provide up to 20 million dollars over 5 years to support and improve the jurisdiction’s research and development competitiveness.  The jurisdiction’s EPSCoR steering committee selects the project and the research activities associated with it must align with the specific research priorities identified in the approved Science and Technology (S&T) Plan of the jurisdiction.

RII Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations (FEC) Awards build inter-jurisdictional collaborative teams of EPSCoR investigators in scientific focus areas consistent with NSF priorities.

RII Track-4  EPSCoR Research Fellows Awards provide support to non-tenured investigators to enhance their individual research potential and their jurisdictions’ research capacity through extended collaborative visits to the nation’s premier private, governmental, or academic research centers.

RII Bridging EPSCoR Communities Awards seek to help undergraduate and graduate students from target groups overcome barriers along their training path. 


MAPS Annual Science Meeting, Oct. 28
10AM – 3 PM | Virtual Meeting

27th NSF EPSCoR National Conference
November 13-16, 2022, Portland, Maine


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