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NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Track-4: EPSCoR Research Fellows

(RII Track-4)

RII Track-4

The NSF EPSCoR RII Track-4 Research Fellows Awards are designed for early career, non-tenured faculty with the purpose of enhancing the fellow’s research capacity through site visits and collaborations with premier private, government or academic research centers across the nation. Through these partnerships, the NSF EPSCoR Research Fellows learn new techniques using specialized equipment and facilities. These fellowship experiences are expected to potentially transform the fellow’s research career path beyond the award period as well as enhance the research capacity of their institutions.


Full Proposal Deadline Date:  April 13, 2021

    Second Tuesday in April, Annually Thereafter

Current and Previous Awards

2019-2020 (NSF Award No. 1929187PI: Gisuk Hwang

Tailored Flow Boiling Mechanisms Using 3D Printed Multifuncitonal Wick Structures

2019-2020 (NSF Award No. 1929147PI: Hongyu Wu

Robust Matrix Completion State Estimation in Low-Observability Distribution Systems under False Data Injection Attacks

2018 -2019 (NSF Award No. 1833025) PI: Abigail Langston

Using Novel Applications of Luminescence Techniques to Evaluate Channel Mobility and Bedrock Valley Development

2018-2019 (NSF Award No. 1833087) PI: James Blakemore

Pulse Radiolysis Studies of H2 Generation by [Cp*Rh] Complexes to Characterize Design Rules for Improved Catalysts

2018-2019 (NSF Award No. 1833048) PI: Xianglin Li

Pore-Scale Transport Phenomena in Li-O2 Battery Electrodes Characterized by Nano-Tomography

2017-2018 (NSF Award No. 1738708) PI: Katie Mitchell-Koch

Electronic Structure Calculations to Characterize Mechanisms of Regioselective Additions to Olefins and to Advance P-31 NMR as a Reporter of Catalytic Intermediates

2017-2018 (NSF Award No. 1738757) PI: Jocelyn McDonald

Dynamic Live Imaging and Manipulation of Migrating Collectives Inside Tissues