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Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): Equitable pathways to community disaster resilience: Participants conduct research at Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, or Wichita State University.



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Meet MAPS student researchers and learn why they decided to go into science.

Theo Michaels, a doctoral student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at KU

Laura Podzikowski, a doctoral student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at KU

MAPS students in the News

March 2021

Wichita State University MAPS student, Abigail Urban, studies the restoration of legumes
across a precipitation gradient in Kansas

February 2021

MAPS REU student, Gretchen Wichman, makes it rain over the riparian zone to better understand riparian-stream connections.

January 2021

KU MAPS Ph.D. candidate, Ligia Faria Tavares de Souza, investigates below ground fingerprints of the Anthropocene

November 2020

K-state MAPS master’s student, Irosha Wanthunga, studies land use effect on methane oxidation

KU MAPS Ph.D. student, Jacob Hopkins, studies soil microbes interaction with plant communities

October 2020

HERS mentor, Kate Ingenloff, studies Distributional Ecology 

MAPS and MACRO KSU Ph.D. student, Anne Schechner, conducts aquatic research spanning Kansas to Mongolia

September 2020

2019 Summer REU student, Andriana Caldwell, studies prairie plant restoration

August 2020

HERS student, Amanda Rouillard, studies the Santee Sioux Nation’s polluted drinking water sources

HERS student, Kaleb Proctor, studies impact of highway construction on wetlands

June 2020

MAPS collaborative biology class publishes a conceptual framework of microbiome interconnections

KSU MAPS student, Abigail Kamke, presents research at the state capitol during Undergraduate Research Day

May 2020

KS-LSAMP student, Jacquelyn Martinez, studies effects of flooding on the patterns of nutrient concentrations in prairie streams

April 2020

HERS mentor, James Fischer, studies the impacts of rising CO2 on small structures of plants

HERS student, Shan Ogir, studies hazardous levels of harmful bacteria, invasive species, and algal blooms

March 2020

FHSU student, Jorja Elliot, studies impacts of commercial soil microbial additives

HERS student, Summer Powell, studies uranium mining regulations impacting the Navajo Nation