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Kansas and NSF EPSCoR

Since its inception in 1992, Kansas NSF EPSCoR has supported collaborative initiatives in Kansas to improve research infrastructure. As a result Kansas scientists have become more competitive in acquiring federal funds from NSF and other federal funding programs, especially in areas critical to the state’s long-term science and technology priorities. NSF EPSCoR funds also provide for major investments in people, thus significantly impacting the creation of a well-educated, diverse workforce for the state of Kansas.

RII Track-1

RII Track-2


RII Track-4


Kansas NSF EPSCoR Projects

 RII Track-1: 

2022 – 2027  (NSF Award No. OIA-2148878, Current Project)  PI: Belinda Sturm

Adaptive and Resilient Infrastructures driven by Social Equity (ARISE); project overview

2017 – 2022  (NSF Award No. OIA-1656006, Current Project)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Microbiomes of Aquatic, Plant, and Soil Systems across Kansas (MAPS)

Project Proposal, Strategic Plan and Internal Award Application Forms 

2009 – 2017  (NSF Award No. EPS-0903806)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Phase VI: Climate Change and Energy: Basic Science, Impacts, and Mitigation Science

Project Proposal, Strategic Plan, Awards and Highlights

2006 – 2009  (NSF Award No. EPS-0553722)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Phase V: Building Research Infrastructure to Address Grand Challenge Problems in Ecological Forecasting and Biomaterials Design

Project Highlights

2003 – 2006  (NSF Award No. 0236913)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Phase IV: Improvement of the Academic Research Infrastructure

Related Project Documents

1999 – 2004  (NSF Award No.9874732)  PI: Thomas Taylor

Phase III: Improvement of the Academic Research Infrastructure

1995 – 1999  (NSF Award No. 9550487)  PI: Theodore Kuwana

Kansas EPSCoR Improvement Program

1992 -1996 (NSF Award No. 9255223)  PI: Theodore Kuwana

K*STAR Grant for Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research in Kansas

RII Track-2 and RII Track-2 FEC

2022-2026 (NSF Award No. 2119753PI: Vaishali Sharda

BioWRAP: Bioplastics With Regenerative Agricultural Properties

2021 – 2025 (NSF Award No. 2119754) PI: Bala Subramaniam

Advanced Manufacturing of Renewable and Recyclable Polymers

2020-2024 (NSF Award No. 2019603) PI: Amy Burgin

Aquatic Intermittency Effects on Microbiomes in Streams (AIMS)

2019 – 2023 (NSF Award No. 1920946)  PI: A. Townsend Peterson

Marshalling Diverse Big Data Streams to Understand Risk of Tick-Borne Diseases in the Great Plains

2018 – 2022 (NSF Award No. 1826820)  PI: Stephen Welch

Building Field-Based Ecophysiological Genome-to-Phenome Prediction

2016 – 2020 (NSF Award No. 1632892)  PI: Edward Peltier

Improving Water Management, Treatment and Recovery in Oil and Gas Production

2015 – 2019 (NSF Award No. 1539105)  PI: Bala Subramaniam

Catalysis for Renewables: Applications, Fundamentals and Technologies (CRAFT)

2014 – 2017 (NSF Award No. IIA-1430493)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Collaborative Research: Imaging and Controlling Ultrafast Dynamics of Atoms, Molecules, and Nanostructures

2009 – 2012  (NSF Award No. EPS-0553722)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Collaborative Research: EPSCoR RII Track 2 Oklahoma and Kansas: A cyberCommons for Ecological Forecasting

RII Cyber Connectivity (C2)

2010 – 2012  (NSF Award No. EPS-1006860)  PI: Kristin Bowman-James

Prairie Light: Next Generation Networking for Mid-continent Science

RII Track-4

2021-2023 (NSF Award No. 2033210) PI: Kapildeb Ambal, WSU

Metrology and spectroscopy of individual nanomagnets? dynamics using quantum sensor-based (NV- center) nano-magnetometry

2019-2020 (NSF Award No. 1929187)  PI: Gisuk Hwang

       Tailored Flow Boiling Mechanisms Using 3D Printed Multifuncitonal Wick Structures

2019-2020 (NSF Award No. 1929147)  PI: Hongyu Wu

Robust Matrix Completion State Estimation in Low-Observability Distribution Systems under False Data Injection Attacks

2018 -2019 (NSF Award No. 1833025)  PI: Abigail Langston

Using Novel Applications of Luminescence Techniques to Evaluate Channel Mobility and Bedrock Valley Development

2018-2019 (NSF Award No. 1833087)  PI: James Blakemore

Pulse Radiolysis Studies of H2 Generation by [Cp*Rh] Complexes to Characterize Design Rules for Improved Catalysts

2018-2019 (NSF Award No. 1833048)  PI: Xianglin Li

Pore-Scale Transport Phenomena in Li-O2 Battery Electrodes Characterized by Nano-Tomography

2017-2018 (NSF Award No. 1738708)  PI: Katie Mitchell-Koch

Electronic Structure Calculations to Characterize Mechanisms of Regioselective Additions to Olefins and to Advance P-31 NMR as a Reporter of Catalytic Intermediates

2017-2018 (NSF Award No. 1738757)  PI: Jocelyn McDonald

Dynamic Live Imaging and Manipulation of Migrating Collectives Inside Tissues

Archived Blog Articles

9/6/2017                        KS EPSCoR sponsors KU Natural History Museum’s present to KU TRIO Talent MS students

8/30/2017                      KS Elementary Teachers Learn About the Nature of Matter

8/24/2017                      KS NSF EPSCoR extends AMO Outreach to MS Students attending ESU’s Scholars Program

8/2/2017                        KS NSF EPSCoR Phase VI: Nanotechnology for Renewable Energy Faculty Receive NSF Award

7/17/2017                      The EPSCoR Partnership receives NSF EPSCoR RII Track-2 Award

5/31/2017                      Kansas EPSCoR Researchers and Teachers work together to on AMO Physics Curricular Connections

5/12/2017                      Kansas State EPSCoR physicist uses X-ray lasers to create molecular black hole

5/3/2017                        Kansas EPSCoR 2017 “Modeling the Unseen in the Physical Sciences” teachers present at KATS Camp

4/19/2017                      Kansas NSF EPSCoR Director’s discovery featured in the DOE Office of Science Highlights

4/4/2017                        KS High School Women attend the 2017 Women In Science Conference at the University of Nebraska

2/20/2017                      Kansas State University hosts 2017 Kansas and Nebraska EPSCoR Collaborative Research Symposium

2/15/2017                      2017 Kansas NSF EPSCoR Physics Teacher Workshop at Kansas State APPLY NOW

2/8/2017                        KS EPSCoR Track 2 Researcher and KU Physicist, Dr. Hui Zhao, discovers a new bilayer material

12/5/2016                      Faculty Collaboration with KU brings SERS Instrument to MidAmerica Nazarene University

11/21/2016                    REU in AMO Physics at Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. APPLY NOW!

11/16/2016                    KS EPSCoR TW Collaboration results in KS HS Acquiring Access to Cosmic Ray Detector

11/7/2016                      Kansas EPSCoR AMO Physics Researcher Delivers Words of Encouragement to Hispanic STEM Students

11/1/2016                      KU EPSCoR Track-2 REU Student Investigates Behaviors of Heterogeneous Catalytic Materials

10/26/2016                    2016-2017 Community College Innovative Challenge Announced

10/20/2016                    Funding opportunity: NSF EPSCoR RII Track 4 “EPSCoR Research Fellows”                    

10/13/2016                    Kansas EPSCoR Researcher featured in KSU News Release

10/11/2016                    The National Science Foundation and the National Nanotechnology Initiative Issue a Challenge

10/4/2016                      KSU Distinguished Professor of Physics Creates works with FHSU Professor and Students

9/29/2016                      Nebraska NSF EPSCoR Hosts the 2016 Kansas and Nebraska Track 2 Review

9/20/2016                      University of Kansas and West Virginia University collaborate on Water Restoration Project

9/19/2016                      Acclaimed Hydrologist to Speak Oct. 3 at Kansas State University about Global Water Supply

9/19/2016                      Wichita State University Assistant Professor Awarded an NSF/ACI grant

8/17/2016                      Update from the National Science Foundation’s SBIR/STTR Program: Fall 2016

7/1/2016                        Nebraska student travels to Kansas State University to conduct summer research in AMO Physics

4/26/2016                      KS Physics and Physical Science Teachers “Model the Unseen” with  KS NSF EPSCoR AMO Researchers

2/9/2016                         2015 KS NSF EPSCoR Teacher Workshop Participants Present at the 2016 KATS Conference

2/2/2016                         Manhattan High School Student Explores Growing Nanowires

1/15/2016                       Emporia State Partners with AVID Climate Initiative to Explore Aerosols

1/6/2016                         Kansas EPSCoR Climate and Energy Exhibit travels to the Courtland Art Center

12/8/2015                      2015-2016 Kansas EPSCoR First Awards Announced

12/2/2015                      Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity in AMO Physics

11/13/2015                    EPSCoR Interjurisdictional Collaborative Funding Opportunity: FY 2016 RII Track-2 FEC

11/6/2015                      Students Explore Fiber Optics at ESU Si Se Puede Hacer Ciencias y Matimaticas Program

10/22/2015                    EPSCoR EOD Grant Provides KS Teachers with “STEM Education Through Sustainable Energy”

10/12/2015                    NSF Track 2 Grant supports collaborative outreach to small college faculty

10/8/2015                      KS and NE present Ultrafast Dynamics of Atoms, Molecules and Nanostructures Symposium

10/2/2015                      KU Geography PhD Candidate and HERS Alum featured in Spring 2015 Edition of “Winds of Change”

9/14/2015                      Teachers Explore Improving Climate Education at Fort Hays State University

9/10/2015                      ESU collaborates with Flint Hills Technical School to “Energize” Students in rural region of Kansas

9/2/2015                         NSF Awards a Kansas And South Carolina Research Collaboration Four Million Dollars

8/26/2015                      “Fun in the Sun” with KU and Project CREATE

8/26/2015                      KS NSF EPSCoR Phase VI funding opportunity – First Awards for Tenure Track Faculty

8/24/2015                      New series of videos address growing water issues in Kansas

8/18/2015                      FHSU student explores Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics at Kansas State University

6/22/2015                      REU student explores the Chemistry associated with Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics at KU

6/15/2015                      KS Physics Teachers Convene at KSU to study Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

6/12/2015                      KS EPSCoR AMO Researcher encourages STEM interests through the EXCITE Summer Program

6/5/2015                        HERS Student receives the NAPIRE Award

4/1/2015                        NSF EPSCoR Track 2 Researchers Host Impressive Research Review

3/18/2015                      CALL FOR WHITE PAPERS – Major Initiatives Research Infrastructure Improvement Track‐1

3/12/2015                      Technology Tuesday at the Bioscience & Technology Business Center

2/19/2015                      Science: Becoming the Messenger – Workshop at K-State

2/12/2015                      KNE to Sponsor Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate Students in Physics

12/23/2014                    Webinar: SEES: Interactions of Food Systems with Water and Energy Systems

12/9/2014                      KS NSF EPSCoR presents First Award Grants for Climate and Energy Research and AMO Sciences

12/8/2014                      Faculty Receive EOD Grants Building on Kansas NSF EPSCoR Climate and Energy Research or AMO

11/19/2014                    Research yields material made of single-atom layers that snap together like Legos

11/19/2014                    KU, K-State field stations key sites in 30-year NSF project

11/14/2014                    Soliciting Proposals: RII Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations

11/7/2014                      KU to host Big 12 universities water workshop

10/27/2014                    Konza Prairie research program receives $6.76 million NSF grant renewal

10/21/2014                    Climate and Energy Museum Exhibit Travels

10/16/2014                    Kansas Researchers Talk About Water and What It Means for the State

10/7/2014                      Upcoming Governor’s Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas to be held in Manhattan

10/6/2014                      Going Green: KU students grow algae for biofuel, cleaner water

10/3/2014                      KNE Welcomes New Education, Outreach and Diversity Coordinator

9/22/2014                      Request for Proposals: Kansas NSF EPSCoR Education & Diversity Grants

8/25/2014                      NSF announces the Community College Innovation Challenge

8/13/2014                       Request for Proposals: Kansas NSF EPSCoR First Awards

8/8/2014                         NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) application period is now open!

8/6/2014                         Ultrafast laser technology research in Kansas, Nebraska receives NSF EPSCoR Track 2 grant

6/2/2014                         Calling all Scientists and Engineers… Announcing The Vizzies!

5/9/2014                         Early-Career Faculty Receive First Awards Building on Climate and Energy Research

5/6/2014                         Climate and Energy: Education Outreach Activities Summer 2014

4/30/2014                       Student’s Research SOARS to New Level

4/30/2014                       Kansas Geographer Receives Fellowship to Co-author Book

2/19/2014                       NSF CAREER Award Follows on KNE Funding

2/14/2014                       New DOE EPSCoR Funding Opportunity for Kansas

12/19/2013                     KNE First Awardee Finds Success

12/3/2013                       Funding Opportunity for 2014 First Awards Announced

11/20/2013                     CCM Faculty Present Seminars in Vietnam

11/14/2013                     Climate Change Discussed at Community Events

10/14/2013                     Students Represent Kansas EPSCoR at National Conference

9/11/2013                       Kansas NSF EPSCoR Annual Meeting a Success

9/10/2013                       New Faculty Receive KNE First Awards for Climate and Energy Research

9/6/2013                        1 Kansas Farmer

9/6/2013                         Hybrid Materials on Nanostructured Templates to Improve Lithium-ion Batteries

9/6/2013                         Energy-Related Education Programs Benefit Kids and Scientists Alike

9/6/2013                         Adaption Strategies for Grain Sorghum for a Varying Climate