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Resilience Research by Kansans for Kansans
See how we are co-creating solutions with local communities.

Supporting Youth
Summer outreach reaches 30 Kansas City teens.


ARISE Webinar
September 11, 3:30 PM

ARISE All-Science Meeting
September 26, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Funding Opportunities

We encourage proposals from faculty statewide!

First Awards – notice of intent due July 31, 2023
REI Awards – proposals due August 31, 2023


17 state colleges and universities are partnered in a new $24 million, five-year effort to advance research on resilient and socially equitable infrastructure in Kansas. The National Science Foundation EPSCoR initiative is led by Dr. Belinda Sturm, Professor of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas.

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What is Kansas NSF EPSCoR?

We support research and education initiatives that make a difference in Kansas and the world. 

Major Research Initiatives

MAPS: Exploring the Microbiomes of Aquatic, Plant and Soil Systems in Kansas 

ARISE: Adaptive and Resilient Infrastructures Driven by Social Equity

Trailblazing Undergrads

We empower undergrads with research experiences.

Interviews with 2021 participants show that they gain more than lab skills from these experiences. Read their stories


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EPSCoR stands for the Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research. The National Science Foundation (NSF) uses EPSCoR to increase research capacity in traditionally under-funded regions of the country—like Kansas. Its primary mechanism for achieving this goal is called the Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) program. These awards enable states like Kansas to enhance their competitiveness for research funding. RII proposals are submitted by Kansas NSF EPSCoR on behalf of the program partners in the state. Other NSF EPSCoR mechanisms include co-funding, workshops, and outreach.

Funding Opportunities

First Awards for early-career faculty.

Notice of intent due July 31, 2023.

Research & Education Innovation (REI) Awards

Proposals due August 31, 2023. 

National Science Foundation

EPSCoR Investment Strategies

NSF EPSCoR has a variety of investment strategies to build research capacity.

And the strategy is working!

For every dollar NSF EPSCoR pumps into research, Kansas scientists have garnered more than double that in non-EPSCoR research funding.


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