All participants in the ARISE project are required to complete an online training module about community engaged research (CEnR). Unlike traditional approaches to research, where investigators design and conduct their own research studies, CEnR is a cooperative approach that involves partnerships between investigators and residents, organizations, and other members of the community.

Why is this training required?

CEnR is a cornerstone of the ARISE project. While not every researcher interacts directly with community partners, we believe that building the skills to do this type of work is critical for Kansas scientists and engineers. Community partners play a key role in guiding our research toward practical, equitable outcomes. These training modules provide a foundational understanding of why and how to engage communities in research.

We use an online evaluation system called the Community Check Box ( to track ARISE activities with Kansas communities. All investigators on the team who are involved in CEnR must document their activities weekly. If you have questions, contact Cynthia Esiaka at

View past roundtables (requires Teams login) to take a deeper dive into ARISE-related CEnR efforts.


Online tracking system

Remember to document your CEnR activities weekly in the Community Check Box for ARISE.

How to track your CEnR efforts

University of Kansas Associate Professor Jomella Watson-Thompson explains how track CEnR efforts and why it’s important in this brief video.