Goodbye Tim Pleskac and Derek Reed

Two faculty investigators connected to the ARISE project set sail on new career paths this summer.

Tim Pleskac recently transitioned to professor of psychological and brain sciences at Indiana University Bloomington. As the brainchild behind the Kansas Data Science Consortium—he led one of ARISE’s key educational efforts. KDSC continues with guidance from our newest team members: Michael Branicky, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at KU, and Jeff Girard, assistant professor of psychology at KU.

Derek Reed left academia this summer to become the director of applied behavioral sciences at the Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc. He co-led research for Theme 4 of the ARISE project, and contributed his expertise to resilience analysis for Theme 1. His replacement has yet to be selected.

We are grateful to you both for your lasting impact on the ARISE project, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!