We’re trying something new! To get to know EPSCoR-funded researchers better, we invited students on the ARISE project to submit photo essays about themselves.

Our first submission is by Kansas State University graduate student Prudhviraj Dhanapala, who works with Professor Bala Natarajan. In five photos he captures the boon of smartboards, the wow of weddings, and the value of friends and family.

Smart board

New Smart Board at K-State:

We recently installed a smart board in our CPSWin lab at K-State. The features of this board are so techno savvy that my free time during this summer has been quite engaging. After chatting about it with my fellow graduates and using it for a sufficient period of time, we all felt that it offers a seamless knowledge transfer experience. To extend the capabilities of the smart board, we also integrated the board with the computer.

Outdoor wedding

My first ever American wedding

I love exploring the culture of the communities that I pass through in my life. This summer, I got the opportunity to attend my friend and lab mate’s wedding. This is one of the most awesome experiences that I have had in my life. I got to witness the beautiful and authentic American wedding at the Barn. I can’t explain the complete experience in words, but the families, the kids, the horses nearby, the wedding ceremony, and the reception—I  truly enjoyed every bit of the event.

family eating a meal together sitting on the floor
riding a skateboard
Meal with friends

Friends, Family, and Fun:

However busy we are in life, there is always time for friends and family. This summer, I had a lot of fun, food, and interactions with my loved ones.

Also, some of them motivated to me overcome one of my feared activities—skateboarding. I am grateful to the people around me who always believe in me and my pursuit of new things.