Map of Kansas showing the teachers reached by county

This week, award winning educator Dr. Peggy Schultz led the final Ecosystems of Kansas Summer Institute.

A recent news article describes the institute’s far-reaching impacts. It also highlights the final cohort’s adventures, which occured at the University of Kansas Biological Field Station on June 5-7, 2023.

With funding from the state’s NSF EPSCoR MAPS initiative, the Ecosystems of Kansas Summer Institute has:

  • empowered a total of 56 Kansas teachers with knowledge and classroom resources.
  • engaged teachers from 26 counties in Kansas for five summers from 2018 to 2023.

When asked about the purpose of the program, Dr. Schults said: “We want to give teachers information and methods they can use, but we also want to show them how important we believe it is to invest in them.”

Teachers participating in the 2023 Summer Institute:

  • Aline Hoey, West Middle School, Lawrence
  • Brenda Hahn, French Middle School, Topeka
  • Christopher Hines, Woodland Spring Middle School, Olathe
  • Connie Merz, Billy Mills Middle School, Lawrence
  • Cory Lewis, Summit Trail Middle School, Olathe
  • Darla Belt, Aubry Bend Middle School, Overland Park
  • Eric Conner III, French Middle School, Topeka
  • Jessica Sadler, Oregon Trail Middle School, Olathe
  • Jordan Blackman, Oxford Middle School, Overland Park
  • Kelsey Potter, Andover Central Middle School, Andover
  • Mallory Beem, California Trail Middle School, Olathe
  • Nicole Bishop, Oregon Trail Middle School, Olathe
  • Rene Gloshen, Pioneer Trail Middle School, Olathe
  • Ruth Frye, Summit Trail Middle School, Olathe
  • Tamara Brinckman, Landon Middle School, Topeka
  • Lacie Beth Weishaar, Spring Hill Middle School, Spring Hill.

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