Map of Kansas with logo for ARISE

Last week we held our first annual symposium for the ARISE project in Wichita, Kansas, on April 20-21, 2023. For many attendees, this was their first face-to-face interaction. While virtual conferences are useful and can be quite productive, nothing beats the meaningful relationships and collaborative opportunities gained from meeting in-person.

The symposium was held at Wichita State University’s stunning new innovation campus. 80 people attended the event, with the majority coming from 3 universities and 3 community colleges in Kansas.

The agenda included a panel session with industry experts in energy, water, and transportation systems. A keynote talk by Dr. Halappanavar from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory described state-of-the-art graph analytics and employment opportunities in government labs.

An overview talk by ARISE leaders set the stage for more in-depth research talks and breakout sessions focused on all aspects of the project, from community engagement to science communication to workforce development. 18 posters along with an optional seminar about building a resilient Wichita added more ways for the team to learn, grow, and connect.

See photos and watch recordings of the symposium (requires Teams login).

Watch a video montage of photos from the event.

Hear what gave rise to ARISE in this 3-minute video featuring K-State Professor Bala Natarajan.