To continue the training continuity for the MAPS project, MAPS faculty are organizing a fall 2021 “Finishing” seminar course for graduates students earning degrees in MAPS-related disciplines. This course will prepare students to plan ahead for post-graduation academic and private sector careers.

The course will take on a “hybrid” format offering in-person classes for KU and KSU students and online opportunities to attend via ZOOM for WSU and FHSU students. Students from FHSU and WSU may register for independent study credits on their home campuses and participate remotely. Being a seminar course, the class will meet on Tuesdays from 1-3 pm. Dr. Lydia Zeglin, Associate Professor of Biology at KSU and Dr. Jay T. Johnson, Professor and Associate Chair of Geography & Atmospheric Science and Director of C-FIRST at KU are the lead instructors for the course. Other MAPS faculty will serve as guest lecturers and lead class discussions.

Students may register for the course at the KSU and KU campuses using the following course information:

(KSU) BIOL 890 Advanced Topics in Biology: Graduate Student Career Preparation
(KU) GEOG 980 Seminar in Geography: Graduate Student Career Preparation
(KU) EVRN 720 Topics in Environmental Studies: Graduate Student Career

This course will provide students with a guided and interactive consideration of essential concepts underpinning modern scientific career paths. Objectives for the course will include learning to interact with audiences beyond academia, understanding the place of scientific research in various career sectors, and developing leadership and team management skills. Content will center on environmental biology, ecology, and microbiome science careers.


Key topics:

  • Science in our society
  • Scientific careers in different sectors
  • Leadership and team management

Learning objectives:

  • Know best practices for your data legacy
  • Communicate your research topic to a general audience
  • Understand possible career trajectories
  • Prioritize your career preparations
  • Gain the tools and confidence to build your independent program

For more information contact:

Dr. Lydia Zeglin
Associate Professor of Biology at KSU

Dr. Jay T. Johnson
Professor and Associate Chair of Geography & Atmospheric Science and Director, C-FIRST at KU