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Onboarding for New ARISE Researchers

Welcome to the ARISE team! We are happy to have you here with us.


Who needs to be onboarded

Anyone newly appointed to a position related to the ARISE project must complete the onboarding process. This includes faculty, staff, postdoctoral associates, graduate students, undergraduate students, interns, and other research associates.


What to expect 

The onboarding process starts with an online form.

After you submit the form, a staff member will contact you and give you access to a handbook. This handbook includes a variety of resources that will give you a bird’s eye view of the project. It will also guide you through a series of tasks to help you learn about:

  • what is expected of you as a participant in this project
  • how to collaborate effectively
  • how to store and share data
  • how to assign authorship to your research
  • how to complete training modules required for this project


You belong here!

As part of this team, you can expect to interact with individuals from a range of educational and cultural backgrounds.  This diversity enriches learning and innovation across academic boundaries.


Help us create an inclusive culture

To help everyone feel a sense of belonging in our group, please make a point to invite all participants to speak at meetings, communicate respectfully, listen when others talk, and simply say thank you. Together we can create a space where everyone feels valued, respected, and appreciated.


This is a space to grow

Doing research is hard.  Just remember—the challenge is where change happens. The challenge is where growth happens.  We want this project to be a space where we can all grow together, learn from our missteps, and support each other.


Who to contact for help

  • Doug Byers,  Kansas NSF EPSCoR Assistant Director, dbyers@ku.edu
  • Claudia Bode, Kansas NSF EPSCoR Education, Outreach, & Diversity Director, bode@ku.edu
  • Liz Ruder, Project Manager for Kansas State University, lizruder@ksu.edu